Tips for Hosting a FSBO Open House

Tips For Hosting Your Own Open House

Competition: Visit other open houses in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. See how other homes are staged and listen to what the real estate agents say. Make note of the features they point out. Open houses are traditionally held on Sunday’s. Ask around to see what the norm is for your area.

Brochure: Realtors hand out property description sheets to everyone who attends the open house, and you should do the same. Include things like:

  • Property address
  • Asking price
  • Contact information
  • Description of house
  • Exterior and interior photos
  • Taxes
  • Sq. Footage
  • Number of bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Included appliances
  • Outdoor spaces (decks, patios)
  • Special features (fireplace, or basement)
  • Neighborhood amenities
  • Nearby schools

Staging: You’ve probably heard of “staging,” which is the process of preparing a home for sale via de-cluttering, depersonalizing and neutralizing, among other techniques. Keep these in mind, that your home must be spotless and clutter-free. You should fix what’s broken, make smart updates, and of course, stage.

“Buzz”: Top real estate agents tap their extensive networks to target buyers and get them into their clients’ houses. Unless you too are well-connected, getting the word out about your open house can be a challenge. Try these tips:

  • Tell relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues that your home is on the market. Use all methods of communication: phone, email, postcards, etc.
  • Tap into your social networks, including schools, churches, community groups and online services like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Place a professionally printed “for sale” sign and a flyer holder in your front yard so passersby can pick up a property description sheet.
  • Create a Web site to promote your house for sale.
  • Advertise online on, FSBO help sites and your local newspaper and community sites.
  • Post flyers on public bulletin boards at grocery stores, gyms and workplaces.
  • Include quality interior and exterior photos in all promotional material.
  • Post a video tour of your home on a video sharing site like YouTube.
  • Advertise in your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • On open house day, place signs at nearby intersections to direct people to your home.

Be a good host: Normally, buyers are turned off by a seller hanging around the open house, but when you’re a FSBO, they expect to work directly with you. The key is to maintain a professional attitude and give them the freedom to see the place on their own. Also:

If you have pets, consider leaving them with a friend or a boarding house for the day. Hide all valuables, medication and other personal items. Prepare a sign-in sheet for guests to fill out their name, phone number and email address. Greet each guest with a smile, hand them a property sheet and point out the most attractive features of the home. Invite guests to tour the home at their leisure and offer to answer any questions they may have.

Follow up: The day after the open house, send a “Thank You” email to everyone who attended the open house with a link to your Web site or online ad. Within the following week, call each person and ask if they have any questions about the house and if they are considering it. If not, thank them and ask if they have any suggestions on how to make the house attractive to other buyers.

For more interesting and helpful tips, check out NOLO’s article on Holding an Open House. To get some more perspective, check out this video on Holding an Open House: Get Results

One thought on “Tips for Hosting a FSBO Open House

  1. It’s tough to know what to do in this situation, because when you have a realtor, the unspoken rule is that you should be nowhere near the premises when buyers are looking at it. So now, you have to ignore that information, which is tough because you wonder what to do or say. You don’t want to scare off buyers but you won’t want them to think you’re desperate. Your best bet is to prepare as best you can, with the tools listed above in the article, and be yourself.

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