Getting Your Home Ready to Sell Isn’t As Tough As You Think. Use These Simple Tips To Get Your Home Sold In No Time!


How Do I Get My House Ready to Sell?

The first thing you can do to sell your house is to de-clutter. Make sure that both the inside and the outside of the home are well-kept. This means weeding the front lawn, throwing out old toys, painting the porch if it is falling apart. All of the little things like this really add up. Now is the time to clear out all of your magazines from 1990, clean out closets. Buyers do not want to see a bunch of random garbage lying around. Psychologically, it takes their attention away from actually viewing the house. All they look at is the debris and clutter. If you really have nowhere to put all your extra stuff, hire a storage unit, or bring it all to a friends house.

Do everything you can to fix any broken gutters, appliances, or windows. These things are very important to a buyer. They love appliances, and you should be sure that yours are all updated, and work. However, be sure to complete any repairs or renovations before listing your home, not afterward. Buyers won’t want to buy your house, because they’ll be nervous about what the end-result will look like. No one wants to buy a house mid-project. 

It is unfathomable how many sellers forget to clean the house and the yards. Hire a maid. It isn’t that difficult! Many sellers don’t understand how a simple deep-cleaning can work wonders in terms of selling your home.

Even designers always say, that the easiest part of their job is cleaning the house. Just de-cluttering alone makes a home look entirely different. If any baseboards are messed up, fix those as well. Old, dirty, stained caulk in the bathrooms? Time to re-caulk! These are simple things that you can even do on your own. You don’t need to spend a million dollars to get your home sell-ready. You just need to spend a little TLC.

Staging the home is also very important. It is proven by real estate experts that staged homes sell faster, and your home will be no exception. Arrange your furniture in an aesthetically pleasing way. If you truly are confused as to how to stage your home, look through magazines, or watch some tutorials online! Lastly, if you have carpet, you should have it professionally cleaned. Even better, remove it entirely if you have intact floors underneath. Buyers hate to see carpet, as it is a major turn-off.


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  1. One reason to stage your home is that you will make more money. The cost of professionally staging your home is significantly less than the difference between asking price and that first offer.

    Your house will sell faster, which equals less headaches and hassles. A home that has been staged properly will sell approximately 40% faster than a home that has not been staged.

    The cost of staging doesn’t cost a dime. Sellers who spent typically $500 on staging services for their home recovered over 343% of the cost in the sale of their homes.

    Most sellers cannot view their house objectively. Sometimes in selling your home, it becomes an emotional decision. Having an objective professional can transform your home effectively.

    Only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home. This is why staging a home is critical! You don’t want the advantages your home overlooked and left up to the buyer’s imagination.

    The longer your home is on the market, the lower the price will be. So stage first! Leaving your house in “as is” condition will help sell the competition. Right now the number of homes for sale on the market is a record high. Competition is stiff and buyers have very high expectations. Successful agents know that the key to selling competitively is professional staging.
    You can relax. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have done absolutely everything possible to affect a quick sale of your most valuable commodity and for top dollar!

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